Do you need new material? This one hour session is perfect if you simply want to give your book new life and electricity. A minimum of 30 photos is guaranteed. Preferable for regular customers.


Have you been dreaming of a photoshoot, but have tight schedule to get your feet wet? This one hour and 30 minute session is perfect if you simply want to explore the possibilities of framing your trip through unforgettable photos, rethinking and empowering yourself, while keeping your travel schedule manageable. You will receive a minimum of 45 photos.

LAPA sesioN $450

The most spacious and rewarding 2-hour session, allowing time for multiple looks and locations. A complete immersion of your journey. We can authentically identify your inner hero and turn it into something great and cinematic.
This session guarantees a minimum of 55 digital photos, includes shots from different perspectives, and is highly recommended if this is your first session.